Not only does anyone enjoy being sick, no one has time for it! If you’re looking for the ultimate immune system booster, this IV has all of the powerful antioxidants, high-dose vitamin C, glutathione, and magnesium to turbocharge your immune system.

Stress, poor diet, fatigue, inadequate sleep, and viral infections are some of the things that can compromise your immune health. Whether you’re about to board a plane, have plans that include a large group of people, or you’ve been exposed to someone that’s already caught something, this IV is the perfect “better safe than sorry” option. 

Let us give your immune system the best opportunity for success!

How much does IMMUNITY IV cost?

Our IV blends contain vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients that are designed to target specific areas of the body while they hydrate, energize and help recover your body’s cells from the inside out.

30 - 45 min


Why immunity iv therapy?

The immune system is a network of intricate pathways that protects the body by recognizing foreign invaders like bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Making sure this organ system is as strong as possible promises you the best fighting chance to ward off harmful microbes and diseases!


    • Optimizes immune function
    • Improve energy levels
    • Helps kill free-radicals in the body
    • Provides healing properties
    • helps support bone formation
    • Promotes heart health & healthy blood pressure levels

IV Ingredients:

    • 1 Liter Normal Saline
    • Vitamin C
    • Glutathione
    • B12
    • Magnesium
    • Zinc

Recommended Add-On: Amino Acids

How does it work?

Your body relies on minerals and nutrients to function at its best. IV therapy is the most efficient way to receive the vitamins you need, because once they’re transported into your bloodstream, they are absorbed immediately.

Iowa IV provides fluids and nutrients through a catheter, which rapidly replenishes fluids, electrolytes, and vitamins from an arm vein. Unlike the average supplement, our catheters deliver 100% of the ingredients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract, which can slow absorption and diminish the potency of ingredients.

IV DURATION: A typical liter IV takes around 30-45 minutes. However, the exact duration varies depending on you and your unique goals.

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