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Iowa IV offers IV and injection therapies for senior citizens that are a safe and effective way to support their overall health and well-being.

IV therapy is not just for younger people

Many who are 60 and older who hear about IV and vitamin infusions immediately ask if they will see improvement in their quality of life. The answer is yes!

top 6 benefits of IV therapy for senior citizens:

  • Instant Hydration & All Its Beneficial Effects

    As people age, they become more susceptible to dehydration. When you are chronically dehydrated, your body begins to feel sluggish and becomes more vulnerable to sickness and injury. After IV therapy, you will begin to gain energy, mental clarity, and a better mood. The results can be felt immediately and continue for hours to even days.

  • Faster Recovery & Lower Risk Of Illness

    Seniors are particularly vulnerable during the cold and flu season but the electrolytes, vitamins, and nutrients included in an IV treatment greatly reduce the chances of getting sick. IV therapy can also speed up recovery, reduce chronic inflammation and help prevent things like migraines, respiratory problems, constipation, muscle damage, and even kidney stones.

  • More Vitamins, Less Reliance On Pills

    IV therapy normally includes an infusion of vitamins including antioxidants, amino acids, and more. But this kind of rapid hydration also increases the rate and efficiency at which vitamins are absorbed and used by your body. This can reduce your overall reliance on pills – something many seniors would love to accomplish. Some common medications can affect the fluid balance in the body and result in more water being lost through kidneys as urine. IV therapy can keep your hydration levels higher while on those medications.

  • Reduction Of Body Toxins

    The food we eat and the environment in which we live and breathe can, unfortunately, fill our bodies with harmful toxins. IV treatments will flush out many of those toxins from your body, toxins that have been building up for years and negatively impacting your immune health.

  • Help For Fatigue

    One of the main problems when dehydrated is fatigue and IV therapy (especially when combined with B12) can restore the energy levels to normal. Many of today’s seniors are travel long distances throughout the year. IV therapy can reduce the effects of jet lag, make it easier to get a good night’s rest consistently and help overall body fatigue. It can also reduce pain and headaches.

  • Make Weight Loss Easier

    Easier Losing weight is never easy, especially for seniors who have less strength for vigorous daily exercise routines. Changes in diet will only partially solve the problem. Being hydrated and keeping your vitamin needs at optimal levels will assist in losing weight.

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Overall, IV therapy can be a safe and effective way for seniors to improve their health and wellbeing. Let our medical team help you decide if IV therapy is right for you or your loved ones!

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